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Night of the Comet Screening in Alaska

posted 22 June 2015

Snow Goose Restaurant poster

The Snow Goose Performing Arts Theatre, part of the Snow Goose Restaurant, in Anchorage Alaska will be screening Night of the Comet on Thursday 25 June at 7pm as part of their Guilty Pleasures programme. For further information visit the Snow Goose website.

Night of the Comet Fan Art

posted 4 june 2015

artwork of Sam

A recent search of Tumblr threw up a number of Night of the Comet inspired artworks including this piece by Joel Poirier. You can view more of his work on his Tumblr page (bigtwinkies.tumblr.com).

Night of the Comet Fan Art

posted 4 june 2015

cartoon sketch of sam and reggie

A recent search of Tumblr threw up a number of Night of the Comet inspired artworks including this piece by Solar Plexus Kick. You can view more of his work on his Tumblr page (solarplexuskick.tumblr.com).

Night of the Comet Fan Art

posted 4 june 2015

illustration of cop zombie and sam

A recent search of Tumblr threw up a number of Night of the Comet inspired artworks including this piece by Larissa Thomas. You can view more of her work on her Tumblr page (larissathomas.tumblr.com).

Night of the Comet T-shirts

posted 11 May 2015

CMS t-shirt design

Having recently added a couple of artworks to the site that are also available as apparel designs, a new Apparel page has been added to the Fan section collecting together other various Night of the Comet designs that are currently on offer online.

These links are provided as a convenience to Night of the Comet fans and were all available at the time of publishing. Nightofthecomet.info is not responsible for the content of external sites and has no affiliation to any of the vendors. No monies or other payment has been offered or accepted in exchange for publishing these links. In some cases the same product may be available from alternative vendors other than the ones linked to.

"Sam Says..." Artwork and T-shirt design

posted 11 May 2015

Big Foot Alley Studios Sam Says T-shirt design

Cartoonists, brothers Martin and Chris run Big Foot Studios and together thay have produced this artwork of Reggie and Sam from Night of the Comet. The art is available on a T-shirt from Teepublic.com.

"You wouldn't believe..." How good this art is!

posted 11 May 2015

Willy - andy social artwork

Andy Social Indutries have produced another Night of the Comet related artwork, this time it's everyone's favourite stock-boy, Willy. Previous artworks have included an Alley Zombie sketch and Sam and Reggie.

You can purchase prints of Andy's art from his Society 6 page and check out his website (andysocialindustries.com), or Deviant Art page.

You can purchase apparel featuring his Alley Zombie art on Teepublic.com.

Rick's Martini Bar - CMS and Kelli Maroney Interview

posted 6 May 2015

catherine mary stewart

The latest episode of Rick's Martini Bar Podcast sees Kelli Maroney and Catherine Mary Stewart reunite for a chat wth host, Rick Farmiloe.

The podcast is available free on iTunes.


Night of the Comet Tattoo Art

posted 3 May 2015

catherine mary stewart

Kendall Vader is a tattoo artist based in Boise Idaho. One of his recent works is this fantastic sleeve art for a Night of the Comet fan. The piece is based on the artwork for the Blu-ray release of the film.

You can view more of Kendall's work on his Instagram page, or his website (www.kendallvader.com).

Night of the Comet Fan Art

posted 3 May 2015

Victor Courtright Reggie artwork

Artist Victor Courtright recently produced this original piece of Reggie from Night of the Comet. You can view more of Victor's work on his website (www.victoranimation.com).

Kelli Maroney to Guest at Halloween Hotness 2.0 - Sci-Fi and Fantasy Theme Costume Party

posted 22 April 2015 [UPDATE 11 May 2015]

halloween costume competition
[UPDATE] Schedule permitting, Catherine Mary Stewart will also be attending this event.

This event is helping support awareness and research for breast cancer. 

Costumes not required to join us in the celebration.
The event will include:

  • DJ
  • Costume Contest
  • Red Carpet Arrivals
  • Special Guest Celebrities 
  • Burlesque Dancers
  • Selfie Stations
  • Raffles
  • Karaoke
  • and much much more

In addition Steven L Sears (Writer of Xena, A-Team) a will be presented with a Lifetime Achievement Award.

Special guests include:
Kelli Maroney - actress (Night of the Comet)
Gretchen Bonaduce - singer (Fatal 80's), actress 
Sophia Crawford - actress, stuntwoman (Buffy, Power Rangers)
Wally Wingert - voice over talent (Family Guys, Riddler - Batman video game)
Emii - pop singer, actress, ninja
Danny Hicks - actor (Evil Dead 2)
Timothy Quill - actor (Army of Darkness)
Alexis Iacono - actress, model
Devanny Pinn - Horror Scream Queen

As always subject to change, but this is just the beginning.

Sci-Fi & Fantasy Halloween Costume Party
The Roosevelt Hotel, Hollywood.
Saturday 17 October
6pm - midnight

Tickets are $25 (= booking fee)

Visit the Facebook Event Page for latest information

Geoffrey Lewis Passes Away aged 79

posted 8 April 2015

Harvard Film Archive

Geoffrey Lewis has passed away, aged 79, from natural causes.The actor and father of actress Juliette Lewis, appeared in over 70 films during a career that spanned more than 40 years. Night of the Comet fans will remember him fondly as the Think-Tank scientist, Carter.

Night of the Comet Korean Release Poster (카멧 나이트)

posted 25 March 2015

Korean release poster for Night of the Comet

The Night of the Comet Memorabilia archive of the site continues to expand with the most recent addition being the poster for the Korean release (카멧 나이트).

Greek VHS Release

posted 20 March 2015

Greek VHS release of Night of the Comet

The cover art for the Greek VHS release of Night of the Comet (Νύχτα του κομήτη) has been added to the Memorabilia section fo the site.

La Noche Del Cometa - Argentinian VHS Cover

posted 13 March 2015

la Noche Del Cometa- Spanish VHS cover

The cover for the Argentianian release of Night of the Comet (La Noche Del Cometa) has been added to the Memorabilia section of the site. The artwork is in Spanish, however, the design differs significantly from the standard Spanish release. Note the incorrect spelling of Kelli Maroney's name.

Reggie Fan Art

posted 6 February 2015

Reggie by Michael Ramstead

Artist Michael Ramstead has posted a new Night of the Comet inspired artwork of Reggie.

Frequent visitors of this site will have already seen some of his previous sketches of Reggie and Sam and you can see more of Michael's work on Twitter and on his website.

Behind the Scenes Make-up Polaroids

posted 30 January 2015

Spoiler Room logo

Billy Synder was responsible for the cast's make-up on Night of the Comet, he recently uncovered a selection of Polaroids taken on the set and you can see them in the Production Photos section of this site.

Because most movies are filmed out of sequence, it is common for photos to be taken on set to aid with continuity of costumes and make-up. There would have been many more Polaroids taken, and most of them would have been lost or disposed of, but we are thankful that Bill held on to these ones and was kind enough to share them with fans.

Actress Kelli Maroney (Samantha) recently recalled on Facebook that Billy liked to play AC/DC's Highway to Hell while working on set. Kelli also commented that is was common for actresses to be asked to look down for the photos so that the eye make-up could be recorded.

Fan Made Night of the Comet Dolls

posted 22 January 2015

Reggie and Sam dolls

Ever wondered what a Night of the Comet toy line might look like? Night of the Comet fan Jada Crockrell has made her very own Reggie and Sam Barbie-style dolls.

With the recent increase in retro action figures, maybe we can presuade some of the toy companies (MacFarlane Toys?) to do a set of Night of the Comet action figures too.

Night of the Comet - The Lost Songs

posted 25 September 2014

Night of the Comet Soundtrack missing tracks discovered

Night of the Comet fans are in for a real treat this month; not only has the film just been released on Blu-ray by Arrow Films, but following discussions on Facebook with the film's Music Producer, Don Perry (see News item on 17 May 2014), cassette tapes were uncovered containing some of the tracks from the film that were not included in the original Official Soundtrack release.

The newly uncovered tracks include:

  1. Making Me Blue - Jim Christopher
  2. Living on the Edge (film version) - Jocko Marcellino
  3. Never Give Up - Bobby Caldwell
  4. Girls Just Want to Have Fun - Tami Holbrook
  5. King County Woman - Doug Kershaw
  6. Eyes on You - Jocko Marcellino
  7. I'll Take the Blame - Thom Pace

Don has graciously supplied the tracks and with the help of fan René Neferuaten they are now available for your aural pleasure on René's YouTube page.

Thanks go to Don Perry and Bob Summers [Bob, as well as writing several of the tracks, produced the songs along with Don] for letting the fans hear these tracks. Please respect their wishes that these tracks are for the fans and not to be used for commercial gain.

Night of the Comet Fans, Can You Help?

posted 14 April 2014

I have always endeavoured to make this site the ultimate resource for all information relating to Night of the Comet. It has never been my intention to profit from this site and as such have I never accepted advertising. Unfortunately, with the ever increasing costs of hosting and running the site, it has become necessary to ask for your help.

If you find this fan site useful, or even if you enjoy Night of the Comet and would like others to learn more about it, please consider making a contribution by using the Donate button below.

Your help is greatly appreciated.

Many thanks.


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